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Friday, August 28, 2015 

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How To Download eBooks from the Library
Direct link to iDownloads page  - click on the Help ? icon for complete and detailed instructions for downloading to your particular device.

How-To Videos from the State Library of Ohio

Free ebook sources
  1. To download digital library materials you need...

    • A valid Ohio library card
    • Internet access
    • A computer or compatible ebook device
    • Free software for the computer or device on which you wish to use the materials.
With the above items, you can download ebooks from The Ohio Digital Library. 
Videos, Music and AudioBooks are also available
Another free library resource for audiobooks:
After a quick account setup, you will have access to our newest collection of audiobooks.

Other sources of free ebooks (these are mostly classics and out-of-copyright):

  1. Amazon - Classics and pre-1923 books
  2. Open Library - over 1 million free ebook titles
  3. Project Gutenberg - over 36,000 free ebooks
  4. Many Books - over 29,000 free ebooks
Library compatible ebook devices
Visit Overdrive's up-to-date device resource center

eBooks are published in a variety of formats. Not all formats work on every eReader device.
  • ePub -EPUB was created to be an open and free format for eBooks. It was designed to allow changes to the flow and size of text for different devices. The format has been widely adopted and is used by the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Sony Reader, and other devices. The EPUB format supports images, tables, sounds, interactivity, word wrapping, annotations, and bookmarking
  • PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format)
    The PDF format reproduces an image of a page. It is widely used, but since PDFs are designed for printing on standard paper sizes they may be difficult to read on small devices such as mobile phones. PDFs do not allow the "reflowing" of text like the EPUB format. The PDF format supports images, tables, sounds, interactivity, annotations, and bookmarking.

  • Mobipocket (MOBI)
    The Mobipocket format can be used on any PC and numerous mobile devices, but is not as common as the EPUB format. The MOBI format supports images, tables, interactivity, word wrapping, annotations, and bookmarking. It does not support sound. Mobipocket is becoming less and less used and may ultimately be phased out.

  • AZW
    AZW is the format required for Amazon's Kindle. AZW is a proprietary format and only works with the Kindle or Kindle apps. The AZW format supports images, tables, sounds, interactivity, word wrapping, annotations, and bookmarking.

  • WMA (Windows Media Audio)
    Audiobook format developed by Microsoft to distribute compressed audio over the Internet.
  • MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III)
    Audiobook format that can be played on almost all portable devices. MP3 is also compatible with the Kindle Fire.



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